Are you Living with a Harsh Inner Critic?

What if you weren’t beaten up by your inner critic every day, all day?

People who live with inner critics are often overachievers. Until the day they are not.

Does your inner critic make you try extremely hard? Does it have excessive standards for you?  Does it leave you feeling absolutely exhausted?

Seeking out professional guidance for psychological issues may feel like a last resort but it may be the way to once and for all get that internal critic out of the driver seat.  Living with an internal critical voice is tiresome. It creates worry and rumination. A hyper-vigilance to all imaginable threats. It is like living in constant fear. It creates an inability to let that thing you did go… It heightens the focus on what others think about you. It creates a worry that you one day will be found out…

You probably don’t share much of this with anyone, and if you do your family and friends may not know how to support you. Most people with harsh inner critic excel in many areas of their lives so not getting the self-criticism and anxiety under control can be an extremely frustrating, and confusing experience.

It’s exhausting being followed around by the thought that nothing you do is good enough. To believe in it can be a deeply painful experience that may have become so second nature to you that you hardly notice the harshness anymore. But when you do reflect on it, and during those lonely hours in the middle of the night when the repetitive thoughts get going. It is much more painful than anyone could have guessed from the outside.

If people could hear the inside of your mind they would be extremely surprised, mainly because the way you speak to yourself is almost the exact opposite of how you speak to others. Most people would describe you as a people person. What they don’t know is that for longer than you wish to admit, your self-critical voice has been ruling your life, and sadly you now come to believe in it. You know that voice that says you are not a good enough parent, or sister/brother, or partner. The one that never lets you forget a mistake or a mishap? The one that is constantly reminding you of everything that you should have done differently?