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CALLING ALL EX-PATs: Thinking about Moving Back “Home”?

By: Emely Ostberg, MSc (Counsl. Psych). Consultant Psychotherapist at the Bell Yard Psychology Clinic Repatriation is defined as moving back, voluntary or forcibly, to one’s own country. To those that have not experienced it, this may look like a tedious exercise in logistics but the psychological and emotional effects of being uprooted, by free will […]

Rumination, Its Effects and What To Do About It

Rumination is a little bit like looking at a Newtons Cradle.  It gives you something to do but it isn’t getting you anywhere         Typical Themes of Ruminations  What is commonly reported as the most usual rumination themes are: Adverse life events in the past such as abuse or bullying Income Family history Education Relationship status It can also be about things in our present life and are then often linked to social […]