7 Things to Consider when Choosing a Therapist

Finding the right therapist can be a bit of a journey. How do one pick the good from a bad? Doing so can be tricky, but not impossible! We have listed 7 of the most important factors for the making of a good therapist.

To pick a therapist can feel like an overwhelming task. What does one look for? What if you don’t have a personal recommendation? Should you pick a generalist or someone who has specialised?

We’ve listed what we believe makes a great therapist and we hope that this can help you in your journey to find yours. Because finding the right one can be life changing.

Here are 7 ways of minimizing risks of pitfalls when deciding on a therapist

  1. Make sure the therapist adheres to an ethical framework. In the UK the BABCP and the BPS are highly regarded and the professionals who are registered have been through extremely thorough schooling and very rigid standards of keeping their members up-to-date with the research field.
  2. Is the therapist knowledgeable in more than one area of therapy? The more the therapist knows the better the tailoring will be made to your needs, rather than limited to the bounds of the area of therapy.
  3. What level has the therapist educated themselves to? Does he/she have post-graduate level qualifications or was it an evening course at the local college?
  4. Does the professional have any length of experience? Do they appear to be well regarded by their peers? Have they published any articles or books that may be relevant to your therapy?
  5. Has the therapist been practicing in more than one country? This will inevitably allow the practicing therapist to be able to spot social constructions in society which can contribute to a more opened mind.
  6. Has the professional got any experience of other areas of psychological therapy than just the general public? Has he/she specialised or are they still working as a generalist?
  7. It may be worth going for an initial assessment. Going to such will help you decide upon whether you feel its a good match. Meeting in person often makes the decision a lot easier.

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Emely Ostberg, MSc (Counsl. Psych.)
Consultant Psychotherapist
in Private Practice.

I am an accredited Psychological Therapist working out of my office in the City of London, in Bell Yard, just off Fleet Street. I specialise in anxiety disorders, adjustment issues and high shame prone individuals.

Email. emely@bellyardpsychology.co.uk
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