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When our minds get stuck in loops of fear, worry and worst case scenarios it has a way of taking over your life.

By the time you’ve found your way to this website you’ve probably tried to control and change the way you’re feeling for a long time. Because most people who find their way to our clinic excel in many areas of their lives it’s often a very frustrating experience not to be able to control or stop the issue on their own.

The Bell Yard Psychology Clinic is located in Westminster, Central London where we specialise in the treatment of anxiety disorders and adjustment issues. We are a bi-lingual clinic and are proud to be able to cater to the Swedish community in London, as well as the English speaking.  At the Bell Yard Clinic every single member of the team is be able to offer treatment in at least two languages.

At the clinic we get to observe people every day, successfully finding a way out of patterns that have been holding them back.

Meet the Team

Lars Davidsson - Bell Yard Psychology Clinic in London

Lars Davidsson

Consultant Psychiatrist MRCPsych, FRSM, MEWI

What others say about therapy…

“I couldn’t stop thinking, and it sent me into a spiral of worry. Today I know how to break the cycles.“

“I used to be self-critical, worry more about others than myself and lack in confidence. Therapy helped me to overcome much of this.”

“Therapy helped me find myself again.”

“I used to feel stuck in life and I didn’t know how to get out of the rut I was in. Life is very different today.”


Do you find it difficult to control or manage your emotions? Are you living with intense bouts of shame and guilt? Do you often find it difficult to focus and lose concentration easily?  Is your internal alarm system easily triggered making it difficult for you to lead your life the way you desire?  Do you wish that things weren’t this way?

Spotlight on Post-Partum Anger - Bells Yard Psychology London

“Trauma is not what happens to you, trauma is what develops inside of you as a result of what happened to you”- Gabor Mate

In psychology lingo, it basically means that your parasympathetic nervous system (the one where you experience a sense of groundedness, soothing and calmness) needs to come online a bit more often and that your sympathetic nervous system (the one causing that fight/flight/freeze/fawn reaction), is too easily activated.

At the clinic, we work with this every day. We know therapy to be an extremely effective tool for your soothing system to grow and the systems to become more balanced. But we can’t change you, you have to change you – and when you’re ready we would love to support and guide you along the way, showing you the most effective methods known, all firmly rooted in the science of the human mind.

Get in touch today to learn more about how therapy might help.

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